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Strategy First

At Omniwealth we believe that financial planning is an holistic advice process which covers all areas of your finances.

At Omniwealth we believe that financial planning is an holistic advice process which covers all areas of your finances. Financial planning, when provided holistically, will provide you with guidance and support across your entire financial life including:

  •   Wealth Creation
  •   Investing in Shares
  •   Superannuation Advice
  •   Mortgage and Debt Structuring Strategies
  •   Risk Reduction Strategies
  •   Estate Planning
  •   Life Insurance
  •   Income Protection

Financial planning should not be a process which solely focuses on managed fund investing, either inside or outside of the superannuation environment. Unfortunately however the typical financial planning company in Australia isn't equipped to provide a truly holistic advice service, which ultimately provides a limited result for their clients.

As a financial planning client of Omniwealth we will help you develop an holistic strategy which covers all areas of your finances. The result; you can live a life with greater freedom and choice knowing that your entire financial situation has been considered and just as importantly, effectively planned. Omniwealth is able to provide this comprehensive service because we have structured our business a little differently than the average financial planning company in Australia.



Our Approach
We Believe

Our approach to the financial planning process is unique in that we first help you identify your appropriate strategy before investing into any specific product. We call this ‘Needs Based Planning’ because it focuses on your needs as an investor and not a prescribed asset allocation or risk-profiling model, as seen across other financial planning companies around Australia.

Omniwealth also believes in a fee for service relationship with our clients. The fee you pay is directly related to the amount of service Omniwealth provides you and not a commission based upon the products we recommend.

Finally, we believe that clients who understand how the wealth creation process works are far more successful in achieving their wealth creation goals. To help you become financially successful we will take you through an education process which covers all areas of your finances allowing you to make better informed investment decisions.

To see how Omniwealth can help you with your wealth management needs please use the buttton below to contact us.

Omniwealth holds its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 309643) which means we don’t have a large bank or institution pushing products such as managed funds onto us, or our clients. By having our own ‘AFSL’ we are able to source the most appropriate investments in the market which suits our clients’ needs and not the needs of a large fund manager or bank. Omniwealth strives to ensure it conforms to government and ASIC guidelines, so you can rest assured that the advice you receive is in your best interests. 

More Financial Planning

Maria's personable communication style with her extensive financial expertise and authentic ability to connect with a client unfamiliar with SMSF and investment processes is exceptional. The journey for me has resulted with a personalised financial plan with goals that are achievable for my personal situation. Throughout the journey with Maria she has impressed me with her professional approach to ensure I had a plan I would feel comfortable with.


Maria has been my financial adviser for many years and her advice is always thoughtful and professional


We are very happy with Maria, she is pleasant and very knowledgeable.


Maria is highly responsive and always available to answer my questions. She is patient and caring and is devoted to her clients and to their wellbeing. I would recommend her to my closest friends and family as someone in whom they could place their trust

As a small business owner, it is important to us that our business is able to receive timely and accurate support on a wide range of taxation and business issues. In the past year the team have assisted us transition through a total business re-structure and have remained on call to answer all our questions throughout this process. They have a knack for explaining things in a language that we can easily understand.
Belinda Jackson

Stuart recently worked on two sizeable purchase deals on behalf of our company. Throughout the whole process and engagement, Stuart was professional, efficient and only too willing to assist. This enabled the deals to be completed in a timely and compliant manner which made the whole process that much easier to deal with. I would strongly encourage individuals and organisations to use Stuart and the services he can provide, he is an incredibly smart and capable professional who is commercial and understands his clients needs and objectives in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Bryce Kennedy

From the first phone call all the way through to closing Alfred was there to guide and explain how the mortgage process worked. Exceptional service and excellent communication throughout the process.

Corin Holmes

Aaron and his team have made what is never easy into something most pleasant, and in the nicest and most professional manner possible. We were kept up to date with requirements and progress, before and during the process. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and the product solution he came up with for us will save us tens of thousands of dollars within the first few years, as well as paying down our debt instead of leaving it on interest only. Very highly recommended

Craig Priddle

Aaron knew his stuff, took his time and came up with the goods - an excellent set of products.

David Rosen

Aaron made the financial approval process much easier. He was able to articulate financial details in a manner which was easily understood, he kept the process in line with our goals and decisions and also looked for 'best' options for us rather than easy options. He was across the whole process and manged it without us having to chase up or check, keeping us informed as required.

Denise Bennett
My partner and I realised that we needed to plan for our financial future, but with so many products and different ways of investing, we quickly came to the decision to seek professional advice. Aaron has provided us with a service which has been nothing short of brilliant. The fees we are paying Omniwealth are proving to be an investment that has already more than paid for itself. Omniwealth is proving to be one of the best financial decisions we have ever made.
Dr Peter Loughlin
We first engaged with Aaron and the team back in 2009 and since then they have helped us not only start to build real wealth but also to protect and grow what we have during the recent challenging times. When opportunity knocks they let us know and when we have concerns they are there to guide, educate and support us. Thanks Omniwealth!
Elliot and Jess Miller
We have found your service to be of the highest level of professionalism. Your level of integrity and respect toward us as clients is outstanding. This is of great value and therefore we treat your advice accordingly.
Gordon MacAuley

I've been dealing with Aaron for the past 3 months. Aaron is very passionate in what he does and takes the time to get it right the first time. Aaron has a high level of knowledge as a broker and shows professionalism second to none. Looking forward to working with you in the future. Thank you

Jason Muscat

Aaron provided clear and strategic advice that helped us navigate the loan approval process. Our circumstances were complex requiring transactions across four properties that eventually lead us to securing our dream home. We would not have been able to structure our affairs in a similar manner to achieve the same outcome without Aaron's help. Highly recommended

Jason Webster
I am a self employed Beauty Therapist. I have been with Omniwealth for almost 6 years. They have such a great way of making sense of money. They gave me some great “tools of advice”, and then took it so much further than just advice. They helped solve my financial problems. Within a 12 month period, they showed me how to clear a large debt. I now have a much better understanding of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ and I actually know what my future will look like.
Jenny Dixon

Thought it would be a lot harder to switch banks, Aaron made it very easy and simple.

Jeremy Andison

I always enjoy my appointments with Maria. She addresses all my concerns and understands my needs. She has readily rearranged my portfolio so that my goals will be reached.


Aaron did what he said he would do when he said he would do it. The advice on structuring my loan from Aaron and James literally saved me over $10,000 a day from day 1! Everything was clear, simple and made easy for me which is all I can ask for!

Kieran Bowden

I'm very happy with Maria's knowledge, expertise and support through our financial strategies. She is down to earth and very approachable, you'd be lucky to have her as your advisor.


Aaron made refinancing simple. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional who cares about doing a thoroughly excellent job for his clients

Mark Holbert
Working with Omniwealth Accounting and Advisory has been an absolute pleasure since the beginning. It was such a weight off my shoulders to finally find an accountant who took a genuine interest in my business. They are not only extremely capable, but their dedication to ensuring the best outcome for my business, on the small things as well as the big picture issues puts my mind at ease.
Mark Norris

I feel comfortable with Maria she is professional and knowledgeable and I feel she has my best interest at heart.


I am very happy to recommend Aaron Fuda to anyone who is looking for someone to help with getting a home loan. During the process of my loan application, Aaron understood my needs and situation very well and this helped me in purchasing a property.

Mehri Agahi

Maria provides professional investment advice and is a pleasure to deal with.


Maria is a joy to work with due to her demonstrated enormous financial expertise and knowledge, her calm demeanour and practical approach to financial advice. As someone who has to take their shoes and socks off to count, I absolutely rely on Maria to support me with financial decision-making and more recently, the effective strategies to investing and transitioning to retirement. I highly recommend Maria.


As I new client I am really only starting to get to know Maria. So far everything seems positive and I have high hopes for our future dealings.

Since changing our accountants to Omniwealth Accounting and Advisory, we have noticed an extraordinary improvement in the efficiency of the handling of our taxation and financial matters. The communication lines are always open and advice is provided when it is needed. It’s like having an accountant working for us full time.
Nathan Walker

Maria spent time with me explaining the ins and outs of financial planning. For a novice like me her clear language and guidance is fantastic.


For a non-financially minded person like myself, Aaron's advice was given in a way that I understood and trusted.

Philippa Ardlie

Aaron made my loan application hassle free. He provided very clear advice in plain English and always kept me well-informed. Aaron made himself available at any time. I would highly recommend Aaron and the Omniwealth team to anyone who needs a mortgage broker.

Rhidian Harrington

Maria Dyson was recommended to me after having a self managed Superfund for twenty four years and losing my Husband it was a very daunting task. After her assurance to me and going through a process of phone calls and letters and forms to fill in it was reassuring to realise that everything would be alright and I was sure of a lasting trust there to move forward. I know it has been the right way forward and I'm forever grateful to her.

Omniwealth Finance was like a first home buyers dream. They helped at every stage giving advice and taking care of all the bank loans and paper work. It made the whole process so much easier than I expected. Their knowledge of the market meant I ended up getting the best deal, and mortgage repayments that are lower than what my rent was.

We had a great experience with Omniwealth. It was made simple and easy and without the hassle of dealing with all the hoops and forms you need to jump through. I would recommend Omniwealth over and over again as they are interested in actually helping you and breaking down barriers as opposed to putting up walls when it comes to the big banks.

Simon Clarke

A lot of time was invested in us making sure that we fully understood what it will take to reach our goal of a nice income in retirement


I was referred to Alfred to discuss refinancing my existing home loan and applying for a new purchase. His approach in presenting lending options gave me full confidence to allow him to negotiate with lenders on my behalf to achieve rates and terms I was extremely happy with. Alfred's communication was excellent which is paramount for an easy low stress process. Would recommend to others without hesitation.


Aaron handled the whole loan application process really well so there was minimal work for us to do. He answered all our queries and went the extra mile with regards to service. He got good rates for us, our loans through in a timely manner and everything went smoothly. What more could you ask from a broker?

Sylvia Sayers