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Thursday, February 14, 2019
Diversified financial services group, Omniwealth, has made two senior appointments. A manager has joined the accounting team and a senior lawyer has joined to expand the legal team. "The 2019 landscape for financial services means that the best people providing the best service at an affordable, transparent price for the consumer is a n Read More
Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Andrew Zbik, Senior Financal Planner Omniwealth's Property Sale Series starts with the question: When to sell an investment property? The first study looks at paying down home debt. There are times when you should listen to your parents, and times when you should not listen to your parents. I have a couple who are clients. When Read More
Thursday, November 01, 2018
Omniwealth has noted the ATO's announcement that it has placed 5 million Australians on a priority list to monitor their share transactions. "This is quite an escalation in their data matching activities for individuals. Innocent mistakes in reporting share trades may lead to investors ending up in the ATO's sights," said Andrew Zbik, Senio Read More